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Tapestry serves as our online learning journal system at Banister Primary, specifically designed for Year R children. With this platform, we have the capability to document and track your child's learning and development throughout the entire year.

We can establish secure logins for you, allowing you to access your child's journal, make comments, and even contribute your own observations. When your child progresses to Year 1, we can provide you with a PDF copy of your child's journal for your records.

Tapestry fosters a two-way channel of communication between our staff and parents, guardians, and caregivers. We can upload various forms of media, including pictures and videos, enabling you to witness and engage with your child's learning experiences while they are at Banister.

This platform also offers ample opportunities to further enhance your child's learning at home, allowing you to incorporate your own observations and comments into their journal.


The tutorials provided in the link below are for people who have been set up as relatives on Tapestry accounts. Hopefully they will answer some of the questions you have about Tapestry and help you to get used to the system. If you do need any further assistance, please contact your child's class teacher.