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Science Vision

Banister Primary school takes pride in teaching our pedagogy through the tools of exploration, inquisition and methodology. Our vision for science is no different. We explore the world around us through the experience of the real world. We predict, test and evaluate our findings. Using our inclusive background, we pride ourselves on using our cultural capital and intertwine our research and observations within our other core subjects. 

Banister will teach children the value of self-confidence, methodical thinking and how to develop their natural curiosity. Through a physical ‘hands-on’, investigatory-based curriculum. Children will continue their development of inquisition, exploration and understanding of the stimulating world around us and themselves.  

Our aim is to provide children with challenging experiences to secure and extend their scientific knowledge, vocabulary and intrigue. We believe that through our curriculum we will ensure our children have memories and experiences that will continue to support their learning in their future.