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Religious Education

Religious Education Vision

Religious Education (RE) adds to our curriculum in such a unique way, it allows children to share their cultural and life experiences.  

By using the Living Difference IV, we hope to introduce young people to what a religious way of looking at, and existing in, the world may offer in leading one’s life, individually and collectively. The curriculum recognises and acknowledges that the question as to what it means to lead one’s life with such orientation can be answered in a number of qualitatively different ways. 

The diversity of our students helps the children to challenge stereotypes and respectfully challenge one another. Students build the confidence to share their own beliefs and are open and respectful of new ideas, creating a harmonic atmosphere. We wish to enrich children with incredible experiences, such as going to the wonderful places of worship we are privileged to have in Southampton. Religious Education is such an important subject worldwide and here at Banister we provide life-long learning, and the opportunities for the learners become the leaders. Our curriculum is very forward thinking and promotes inclusivity, as every child thrives and flourishes on the opportunity to share and learn from the other pupils’ experiences and nourish their curiosity. Our lessons embrace community and alliance within our golden thread concepts: love, community, special and belonging. Our curriculum is set out to create respectful and tolerant human beings, giving them the confidence to ask the big questions and challenge prejudices as they move on into everyday life.