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Personal, Social, Health, Economic Vision

Our PSHE curriculum at Banister Primary School will equip children with the skills and confidence needed to become lifelong learners as they find themselves propelled into new life experiences that they will face. Here at Banister Primary School, PSHE and SRE helps our children to understand and respect who they are and empowers them with a voice. Our PSHE curriculum is designed to meet the needs of all our children as well as linking in with our school values. We value children’s individuality and equality through helping our children to understand how they can develop and learn personally and socially, guiding children through the different parts of growing up and celebrating all similarities and differences.  As a school, we strive to give our children many different learning opportunities and celebrate their diversity and harmony through exploration of friendships, relationships and the community. Through our PSHE teaching, we allow children to explore their independence and alliance through learning about keeping safe and their rights and responsibilities. This learning will allow them to explore how they respond and face daily challenges and life experiences through wellbeing. We aim to equip children with perseverance and a positive outlook through looking at challenges they may face in life, through learning about different rights and responsibilities and the importance of being part of a wider community.  

 PSHE values: 

  • Individuality and equality 
  • Perseverance and excellence 
  • Diversity and harmony 
  • Independence and alliance 
  • Unit and community 
  • Educating for life. 

 At Banister Primary School our PSHE lessons support our Safeguarding policy and links with our Computing and Online Safety curriculum. PSHE lessons are carefully planned to ensure that they suit our children in our school. The skills and attributes, such as resilience, team work and independence, that children learn in PSHE during their time here at Banister Primary School will support them to stay healthy, safe and prepare them for life and work in our community.  

Through the PSHE curriculum we aim to: 

  • Develop all pupils understanding and knowledge of the ever changing world around them 
  • Teach and provide a relevant, broad and age appropriate curriculum 
  • Make children aware of issues that may relate to their own health, personal care, development and relationships 
  • Celebrate our similarities and differences 
  • Support children and enable them to make choices in life 
  • Provide children with different strategies to support their own wellbeing and mental health, encourage resilience and give them skills to keep themselves and others safe 
  • Support and enhance their own self esteem 
  • Become aware of rights and responsibilities they have as individuals 
  • Help children to become independent and confident members of society. 
  • Develop different skills necessary to help them manage life effectively, both now and in the future.