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Modern foreign language

MFL Vision

Language learning will inspire children to value their journey as a linguist. It will encourage communication and collaboration and will provide opportunities for all. At Banister, we value all cultures and this will be threaded through the teaching of French, not only as a language but also as a culture. Children will enjoy all four domains – speaking, listening, reading and writing – and these will foster an environment that values perseverance, collaborative learning and the celebration of differences. Listening skills will continue to be developed in order to learn from one another. The majority of children at Banister already have experience of learning a new language, therefore the opportunities within learning French can be plentiful. Lessons will build upon language skills and patterns that have previously been learnt. Children will feel confident to hold conversations in French and will understand what is being said and how they can respond. The language will be learnt as a valuable skill that can be transferrable.