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Design Technology

Design Technology Vision

Design and Technology is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject.

At Banister Primary School, pupils are often encouraged to act and work independently in DT; to increase self-confidence in their abilities, whilst also maximising and showcasing their own individuality through their creative successes.

Pupils are also presented with opportunities to unite their DT knowledge and skills by working harmoniously in groups to innovate and inquire, seeking to synergise and share their passions to exceed expectations.

Our curriculum is built on the skills and knowledge that our children should master year on year, which is coherently sequenced across the school to ensure that their DT ‘toolkit’ allows them to be creative and technically proficient. Within DT we also draw upon our knowledge and understanding in other areas of the curriculum such as Maths, Science, engineering, computing and art. In each unit, opportunities are taken to revisit prior knowledge and skills to ensure that our children are able to remember more, learn more and do more, whilst deepening their learning. Upon leaving Banister, pupils will have acquired the training and skills necessary to form a solid foundation of DT to build on in the future, through their understanding of not only how products are designed and made, but also why they are required and their impact in the real-world.

By tolerating others and respecting fundamental differences in working styles, pupils will naturally become well-rounded, positive learners, who are equipped with both the perseverance to succeed as well as the physical skills to use a range of DT equipment necessary to meet curriculum objectives.

Pupils should be proud of their learning and be open to celebrate their success, evaluating their own and others’ creations honestly and constructively.