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Computing Vision

Computing is everywhere, the hardware is vast and our children are at ease with the variety of technology at their fingertips. At Banister, we want computing to be a subject that is taught in its own right as well as featuring across the curriculum in ways that will support, benefit, enhance and ignite our teaching and their learning. We need to acknowledge what our children know, what we have previously taught and be confident in taking their learning and skills forward, knowing what gaps need addressing and the skills to push their learning on. Our pupils were born into a technically enhanced world and will need to be awarded with the skills in which they can approach the now, the next and the future with understanding, confidence and the knowledge that they can succeed. The world around us moves fast – the technology of today is already out of date, always improving and ever-changing and our children need and deserve a curriculum that will afford them the opportunities and skills to tackle whatever they decide for their future with a sense of personal success. Computing skills are a high profile necessity in the world of today and will continue to take our children onwards and upwards. Our computing curriculum strives to be the building blocks for their choices of tomorrow.