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Banister School uniform

Banister Primary School Uniform

We consider that uniform is important for several reasons.

  • It provides pupils with a sense of identity and pride in their school.
  • It enhances the appearance of pupils and therefore the reputation of the school.
  • It helps to instil a sense of purpose in pupils when they put on their uniform in the mornings.
  • It helps overcome the worry about “fitting in” with fashions and keeping up with other children. All children feel equal and there is no stress, competition or worry for families about expensive brands/labels.
  • It overcomes the problem for both parents and teachers about what is suitable attire for school.

Please ensure that all items of school uniform are labelled with your child’s name. This means that lost items found around school can easily be returned.

Uniform: Our children have a great reputation in the community for being smart and proud of their uniform. Please help us keep this up by ensuring all of your child’s items comply with our uniform policy:


School sweatshirt or cardigan

Pale blue shirt

Black/grey trousers, shorts or jogging bottoms




School sweatshirt or cardigan

Pale blue blouse

Black/grey trousers, shorts or jogging bottoms

Black/ grey skirt and pinafore dress

Blue checked dress (summer time)




Shorts, any colour

T-Shirt, any colour

Leotard for indoor activities ONLY

Plimsoles/light trainers for outdoor activities

Uniform is available from Skoolkit either online or via their shop in Totton and Kool Skools online shop. Unbranded items (such as trousers, dresses etc) are also available at most supermarkets.

If you require any support or help with school uniform please let us know and we’ll do all we can to help.

Kind regards

Banister School