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Art Vision

Within our vastly diverse community, we are constantly offering opportunities for all our pupils to achieve their potential as artists using persistence and resilience as an essential part of the learning process. We use our shared values of pride, mutual respect and understanding to identify the features of great art and artist. In our school we support pupils to use their experiences of tradition and innovation to evaluate and produce a wide variety of art. The pupils are supported to respond artistically, think critically, receive and give constructive feedback as they explore art through classroom activities, workshops and art gallery experiences. They also experience art outside of our community with visits from local artists and collaboration on larger art pieces across the city. 

The diversity of our community establishes art as a fundamental part of facilitating communication, boosting self-confidence, allowing the space for personal expression and inspiring pupils’ minds to dream big. Pupils are exposed to traditionally well-known artists, architects and designers in history but also to artists that originate from a wider range of cultural backgrounds.  

Children take inspiration from nature, design and other artists to experiment with the use of colour, texture, form, line, shape, pattern and different materials, traditional as well as contemporary. The children learn to improve their mastery of art and design techniques by learning specific drawing, painting, printing and sculpture techniques, developing expertise over time through their use of sketchbooks. Children record their observations and ideas, thinking critically to review and evaluate improvement and assess progress in their artistic ability whilst thinking critically about their own and others work in a positive manner. We give children the knowledge and time to become appreciators and creators or art through a combination of action and evaluation, allowing them to demonstrate true self-expression through a variety of mediums.